Basketball Buc$

As the NBA season is upon us, DTLR takes this time to create an opportunity for NBA players to give back to their hometowns or team cities. For the seventh consecutive year the DTLR Basketball Buck$ initiative gives players the opportunity to show off on the court and off. Here's how the program works:

- Based on a players position, their rebounds, assists and points are tracked for the duration of the season by DTLR and the school of the players choice

- At the end of the season those numbers are tallied up and matched to a dollar amount (DTLR provides these dollars)

- That amount is then presented in a check ceremony and donated to a school of the players choice at the end of the season

This years participating players are Jalen Brunson (Dallas Mavericks/Sarah Zumwalt Middle School in Dallas), Will Barton (Denver Nuggets/ Waverly Middle School in Baltimore), Quinn Cook (LA Lakers/Largo High School in PG County, MD), Kendrick Nunn (Miami Heat/Georgia Jones-Ayers Middle School in Miami).

Follow the players on their social media platforms and follow us at @dtlrlifestyle to track their progress during the season.

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