A Father 1st

To show gratitude for some Amazing Men of the Cleveland area, we hosted a brunch to thank them for being a pillar in Our Community, for their selfless service and tireless dedication to others. DareToLiveRight just wanted to celebrate them with their families, as a critical reminder that though they hold many titles; but they are indeed - A Father 1st.

With our love for the Brand, the actual abbreviation for a shoe we as a company hold near and dear, we gifted each Community Champion with a new pair of Air Force One’s (AF1) along with a special plaque. This event was full of fun, food, and celebration as we showed brief highlight videos of each Father in their community element for their families.

The goal of the A Father 1st Event is to Rebrand the Man of our community in every way. We must change the narrative – we want to create a new vision for the role of our fathers and lift those who work to give back every day! Fathers’ vital role makes a difference in the success or failure of our communities, and we aim to give various men a platform to be seen and heard in all our regions.

Let’s not let this celebration be limited to one day; if you know a Father who dedicates their time to the community especially, send them a special “Thank YOU”, for they are valuable to us every day.

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