Stand For Something Or Fall For Anything

June 19, 2021, 156 years after the last group of enslaved Africans were notified in Galveston, TX that they were free under the Emancipation proclamation, the US Government officially makes Juneteenth a Federal holiday.

This is only a small win for the Black community, as we are still fighting for the same equity and equality as our white counterparts. However, in true Black culture and fashion, we will still celebrate every victory that gets us a step closer.

In Atlanta, we partnered with the NAACP for their annual Juneteenth celebration that provided entertainment, education, food and an atmosphere of family.

In Baltimore, partnered with brand Adidas, a mural was installed on the side of the E. Monument Street store. A mural that is a representation of the marathon continuing.

In Chicago, families hopped on their bikes for a cycling celebration of unity. Roll N Peace is organized by Think Outside da Block, which works to reduce crime in Englewood through youth education and events.

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