Ujima: Collective Work and Responsibility

(pronounced oo-Gee-ma) is the third principle of the seven celebrated during the week of Kwanzaa (which takes places December 26- January 1). This principle highlights that while we are always working towards being better individuals in our communities, we must also work together and pull together our knowledge and resources to benefit the greater good.

During the month of December we run our "Soleful Time of Year Toy Drive" where all of our stores collect toys to be distributed during the holiday season to youth in our cities.

With 2020 being a year of uncertainty, we feared that not many people would be able or willing to give so generously, however our customers still found themselves being self-less and over the course of the month we were able to collect over 22,000 toys!

Not only did we find our customers stepping up to the plate, but our brand partners also joined in and gifted many communities and front line workers with blessings this holiday season.

Brands such as New Balance contributed monetary donations to youth victims of violence.

Ethika loaded a private jet with over 5,000 toys to be distributed to under-served youth.

Toys weren't the only thing collected and distributed, thanks to our community partners were able to bless families with coats, blankets, fresh produce, cleaning supplies, school supplies and much more at many of the collaborated events!

The sense of "collective work" heavily resonated this holiday season and we are truly grateful for EVERYONE who assisted us in bringing holiday cheer to children near and far.

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