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Season's Feedings

In preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday DTLR brought back its annual Seasons Feedings initiative, where we partner with local grass roots organizations to assist in the distribution of food items for the holiday season.

In DTLRs continuous commitment to influence healthy food choices, we have donated over $10,000 to organizations in major cities to purchase and distribute fresh produce along with their turkeys.

All events were socially distanced or drive-thru, but either way the mission was accomplished as we were BETTER TOGETHER

Here are some communities we were able to bless this season:

In Dallas, DTLR partnered with For Oakcliff for the second holiday season and over 587 cars were served in the Oakcliff projects

In Chicago, on the corner of 66th & Hermitage, we partnered with Think Outside Da Block and Project Swish to serve over 200 families a free food box to last them at least 2 weeks.

In Savannah, GA, DTLR partnered with homegrown NFL player Anthony Lanier III of the New Orleans Saints, as he gave back to his hometown with 300 turkeys and 10,000 pounds of fresh produce; he was even awarded the key to his city.

In Miami, we partnered with Benny Blades, were 250 families received free food boxes.

In Charlotte, a new community organization is taking over the streets, as BW Cares was able to feed over 200 homeless individuals a hot meal on site and distribution toiletries and cold gear....needless to say we'll be doing more to help BW Cares and the Charlotte community flourish.

In Baltimore, DTLR partnered with RICH Foundation to service over 1000 families and 1000 coats were given to those in need in South Baltimore's Cherry Hill neighborhood.

During this time of year is when we shine our brightest, bringing food to tables, necessities to homes, and toys to children!

Stay tuned for our annual Soleful Time of Year Toy giveaway up next!!


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