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The weekend of August 15th was a busy one for DTLR, as the outreach team hit the streets to register individuals to vote.

In Atlanta, DTLR partnered with TRU Foundation and Trap Music Museum to register visitors to the museum to vote.

In Baltimore and Prince George's County, MD, the outreach team did a store tour to register employees and update their status. While visiting over a dozen stores, the team also took the time out to register customers as they shopped.

If someone stated they are already registered, we were sure to check their status and assist them with updating their information as needed, in order to ensure they receive proper polling information and ballots.

DTLR was sure to have on deck plenty of hand sanitizer, masks and ballot education FAQs.

As we are just under 100 days out from the General Elections, we will continue to mobilize this campaign in Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami and Detroit, continuing to register and educate the community!


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