• Dare To Live Right

Juneteenth Community Cleanup

Atlanta, GA

DTLR’s Dare To Live Right mission is to create an environment of inclusion while making a difference in the communities we serve. By working collectively, we aim to create programs to uplift and revitalize our underserved communities.

Our last Refresh was held in partnership with The Book Bank, Keep Dekalb Beautiful, and Fostered Foundation to commemorate Juneteenth

Each and every volunteer was intentional in attending our community cleanup, which is part of our ongoing “Dare to Live Right” community initiative. Among the participants were recording artist, Scrappy, Commissioner Larry Johnson, and award-winning writer and producer Cyhi. We aim to help ensure communities are safe and clean to cultivate anew generation of leaders who take pride in the communities DTLR serves

These bi-monthly clean-up projects will continue in neglected inner-city areas and partnered with local organizations to gather volunteers and do our part in refreshing specific neighborhoods. We will continue to do our part by Refreshing our space, as we Dare our communities to Live Right.


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